We recommend setting your Kayak alerts early - airfairs are low at the moment but with summer being high season you could see tickets prices go up by March / April. You'll need to fly into Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) or Paris Orly (ORY). What's the difference between the two? Not much - think JFK (CDG) vs. La Guardia (ORY) - ORY, on the Southern outskirt, is closer to the Paris city center but not as many international flights go in and out. 

Tours Airport (TUF) is a small airport in the Loire Valley - you won't be able to fly from the States but if you're planning on traveling to/from London, Dublin, Marrakesh or Porto - it might be a good idea to explore flight options there through with RyanAir

Getting to the venue

The Loire Valley is located in Central France, approximately 2:30hr south of Paris. To get to the venue, we highly recommend renting a car - it's the most economical way of getting to the venue, if you're traveling with others, and gives you the flexibly of getting around. Driving in France might sound intimidating but trust us, it's not that complicated - same signage, same side of the road, just a few extra roundabouts. 


train & Taxi

You can take a train from Paris or from CDG Airport directly to Gare de Blois-Chambord, the closest train station to the venue. From Paris you'll have the option to take a commuter train or TGV (bullet trai- Tickets should run you between 30 - 40 Euro each way. When you arrive at the Blois train station, taxi will be stationed outside the main entrance and they'll be able to give you a ride to the venue approximately 15km away. 

PLEASE BE AWARE SNCF WILL BE ON STRIKE SATURDAY JUNE 23 so if you're planning on taking a train back the day after the wedding - please adjust your travel plans. 



You can rent a car from the nearest cities Tours, Orleans or Paris. If you want to get the best price pick up and drop off directly at the Paris Airports where you can rent a car for as little as 30 Euros/day. Please note if you don't know how to drive a manual, you'll need to specify you want an automatic on your reservation. (Automatics will be more expensive.)